Sisters & business partners


Ever since Naja was born she has always been called Núnoo by our mother. It is her nickname but I would rather call it a love name, hopefully without beening too corny. Núnoo mean the fragrance of a baby in Greenlandic.

Costa del sol

I don’t remember her as a baby, she is 3½ years younger than me. However, I remember her as my best friend and companion throughout my childhood. Friends and business partners are asking us how it is to be working closely everyday beeing sisters.

Do we fight?

No, never, this is unfortunately the boring answer.

We share the same dream for the Núnoo brand; we want to create a design label for girls who love fashion. We share the same aesthetics and most importantly, we share the same humor.

What would happen if we disagreed fundamentally?

What would happen to the bags… I hope that the bags would be the least of our troubles.

Working with my sister is awesome and I hope you feel the fun and happiness we put into every single bag.


November 2014 535Sisters

IMG_7218Working together

MySisters-59Let’s go

See you tomorrow

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This week at Núnoo


The week flew by faster than usual. Our friends from the Netherlands are reading along – I hope (at least one)…this is why the text is in English.

Naja started out by showing her house…looking forward to see the result.


We agreed that we can not live without the new Núnoo scarfs, they will be online this summer


We visited some of the shops selling Núnoo in Copenhagen, feeling happy and overwhelmed by their commitment.


Costume & Chrichri told our story


This girl wearing Núnoo

Thank you Hilda Sandström

Pictures borrowed from Hilda Sandström


Dare to be different

Proud supporter of Mama Brown

Picture borrowed from Mama Brown IMG_8025

Thank you for making this week fun, interesting and very special to us.


See you tomorrow right here

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